Communication System Design

We design systems and networks using computer modeling (terrain and path profiles), confirm predictive models with site visits and present options to clients based on their priorities and budgets. We use high quality equipment and design systems that focus on reliability.

Path Studies

Path profiles are generated for each communication link to determine: the best path, the recommended equipment (radio, antenna, duplexer, multicoupler, etc.) as well as recommended tower height. This is coupled with topographical map data and experience with the terrain and other conditions (exposure, access, and forestation).
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Frequency Licensing

Many of the radio frequencies used in industrial applications are regulated by Industry Canada and require licensing. We submit license applications on behalf of our clients to obtain new frequencies (simplex, duplex, UHF, VHF) or to add an addition licence to an existing network. We can also make changes to existing licenses – Company name, frequency used, etc.

Frequency licensing is included as part of our communication services. We can also help our clients meet compliance on existing systems that require licensing.
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We have numerous clients in the Oil and Gas industry where SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) communications are standard and are familiar with: the gas plant frequencies, the location of repeaters, communication networks as well as plant procedures and host requirements. We keep an extensive database of communication systems as well as maintenance logs for our clients which help us plan additions to networks and to troubleshoot problems.
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VHF (Voice)

We can plan and install two-way voice radio systems including repeaters, base-stations, hand-held and mobile systems. We can also apply for VHF licensed frequencies for operational or radio-controlled road usage.
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High Speed Networks

We are partnered with related businesses to provide clients with dedicated high speed bandwidth.
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Cell Boosters

We install cell boosters at Rig locations and camps for either permanent or temporary use. We have portable towers for temporary use. We can lease or sell the equipment depending on the clients’ requirement.

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