Portable Towers and Cell Boosters

Communications equipment on portable towers is designed to quickly bring clear and reliable communications to areas outside established communications networks. We at Vincent Communications integrate the latest technology and industry leading knowledge to provide complete communication system solutions for our client’s remote locations.

Vincent Communications has a large inventory of portable communication towers. Our towers are adjustable in height from 29 to 106 feet, allowing for significant customization at each location.

The benefits of using a communication system on a portable tower over installing a permanent structure include:

  • Rapid deployment.
  • Zero ground disturbance.
  • Short time frame for mob and de-mob on location.
  • Structure can be used temporarily and relocated.

In addition, our portable towers have a high wind resistant design and are completely galvanized for protection against harsh elements. They occupy a minimal footprint (30’ x 35’) and the telescopic design allows for safe and easy access to the antenna structures (no tower climbing required).

At Vincent Communications we strive to have a complete understanding of our client’s communications needs and priorities and can customize our service to best meet these requirements. We use a variety of tools to evaluate and provide this service. These tools include:

  • Communication path studies.
  • GPS locating equipment.
  • Spectrum analysis equipment.
  • Direct contact with network providers.
  • Extensive QC program and internal procedures.
  • A variety of signal boosters.
  • Antenna rotating equipment.
  • Remote monitoring of equipment.

Vincent Communications goal is to eliminate the unreliable, inconsistent communications typically associated with a remote location. This will enable our clientele to operate seamlessly on a day to day basis without the inconvenience of inadequate or unreliable communications.

Portable Towers

Vincent Communications has a large inventory of portable telescopic towers which can extend from 29 – 106 feet (9 – 32 m). The towers have a minimal footprint, only requiring a space of 30’X35’ for deployment. Our mob and de-mob times typically range from 2 to 3 hours. We can also provide structural engineering documentation for any application upon request. The tower and trailer base is fully galvanized, protecting it from the elements. Every tower has a self-guyed system, giving it more stability under heavy ice loads and high wind shear. In short, the towers are designed to withstand and function in our harsh climate.


Vincent Communications has wide variety of signal boosters. These boosters significantly enhance the cellular signal in areas with limited or no cellular coverage. We have boosters ranging from 70 to 95 dB gain, and in both single band (850MHz) and dual band (850/1900MHz) design. The dual band boosters can take advantage of the 1900MHz system with clearer voice and faster data service, when available. Our boosters are also designed and tested for Canada’s harsh climate.

Our Technicians have been trained in the proper tuning of each booster by our internal experts as well as from the equipment manufacturers. We also verify the connection with the service provider ensuring that the booster is optimally tuned to provide the best possible signal strength. Vincent Communication Technicians also take advantage of such equipment as GPS locating equipment, spectrum analyzers and antenna rotators to fine tune the booster system. All other components to complete the booster system are provided with the rental.

Wireless Modems

Vincent Communications large inventory of wireless internet modems provide access to reliable, high speed WIFI networks. Our WIFI modems operate in conjunction with our tower and booster system to provide WIFI over the cellular network. The modems are a powerful 4G LTE device that operate on any cellular network, providing robust and secure wireless communications of serial, Ethernet and WIFI data. Or modems are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and have an operational range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. Bandwidth can be allocated to a specified user on location enabling us to prioritize the service. We also offer external monitoring of the communication equipment so we can ensure premium performance.

Custom Applications

Vincent communications offers custom applications which can include utilizing the client’s existing equipment on our portable towers. The options are endless, but typically include such equipment as Scada systems, surveillance equipment, two-way radio equipment, lighting, camera equipment or other monitoring equipment. Once the custom application has been created we have the system evaluated for compliance by a structural engineer.